When someone dies

This is a hard and bewildering time. But it's also a time often filled with fond memories and a desire to say thank you for your loved one.

As Christians we believe that death is not the end of our story. The death and resurrection of Jesus show that life with God is the end of our story, and death is a stage on our journey to this fullness of life.

We work with families in planning funeral services. We are delighted for you to have a funeral service in church, whether or not the person who died came to church or not. We also often conduct funeral services at the crematorium or cemetery.

In our planning the service we will work with you to ensure the funeral reflects the person who has died. You will be able to choose music and readings. Often a friend or relative gives a short tribute.

As well as funerals we can also arrange a special memorial service; we can offer support and prayer for relatives who are bereaved. Each Autumn we hold a memorial service to remember those who have died in the past year, to which we invite families of those whose funerals we have conducted.

We're really pleased to hear from you if you'd like to inquire more about any of these matters.