Getting married

We're delighted you're thinking of getting married. You might be here because you'd like your banns reading at Holy Trinity, as you're getting married somewhere else, or you might like to get married here.


We read banns for those who live in our parish. Usually you will have been asked by the priest conducting your wedding to arrange for banns to be read. Please contact the Parish Office and we will go through the procedure with you.

Banns are read on three Sundays within the three months prior to the your wedding. After the third reading, the parish office will issue a certificate for you to give to the priest conducting your wedding. There is a small, statutory fee for reading banns and issuing a certificate.

Weddings at Holy Trinity

We welcome couples wanting to get married at Holy Trinity to get in touch to talk with us. If you live in our parish or have a qualifying connection with our parish, and are free to marry, you can get married at Holy Trinity.

Generally the priest will meet with you three or four times in preparation for your wedding. These meetings give a chance for us to get to know each other, to discuss the meaning and significance of marriage, and to plan the service. There will also be a rehearsal for your wedding.

If one or both of you is divorced with a former spouse still living, you don't have an automatic right to be married again in church. But please come and talk to us about this. Within the pastoral guidelines of the Church of England it may be possible for you to get married in our parish.

At present it is not possible for same-sex couples to be married in church. However, we'd love to hear from you, and within the guidelines of the Church of England help you give thanks for your relationship. Please contact us.

We know weddings are expensive and we keep the costs we charge as low as we can. We charge the statutory fees set by the Church of England plus additional costs for music, flowers, etc. that we incur. Full details of wedding fees are available here.