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Sunday 20th May, Pentecost, morning, by Chris Palmer, The Spirit is love

The Easter Vigil, 31st March 2018, by Chris Palmer, 'He is not here'

Christmas Eve, Midnight Mass, by Chris Palmer, Encounter

Sunday 17th December, Carol Service, by Chris Palmer, God with us

Sunday 2nd July, morning, by Kate Tuckett, Feast of St Peter

Sunday 21st May, Easter 6, morning, by Chris Palmer

Saturday 15th April, Easter vigil, by Kate Tuckett

Sunday 2nd April, Lent 5, morning, by Chris Palmer, The drama of Holy Week

Sunday 12th March, Lent 2, by Chris Palmer,Are we curious and eager to meet Jesus?

Ash Wednesday, 1st March, by Chris Palmer, Avoiding hypocrisy ~ Being Authentic

Sunday 26th February, Next before Lent, morning, by Chris Palmer, Seeing Glory

Sunday 19th February, 2 before Lent, evening, by Chris Palmer, Acquisitive Culture

Sunday 19th February, 2 before Lent, morning, by Kate Tuckett, 'Do not worry about your life'

Sunday 8th January, Epiphany, morning, by Chris Palmer, The choice in every choice

Sunday 18th December, carol service, by Kate Tuckett, God who makes his home among us

Sunday 11th December, Advent 3, by Chris Palmer, Rejoice!

Sunday 4th December, Advent 2, evening, by Chris Palmer, Where does fire fall?

Sunday 20th November, Christ the King. evening, by Elaine Ambrose, The Kingdom of Christ

Sunday 13th November, Remembrance Sun, morning, by Chris Palmer, Trusting in God alone.

Sunday 30th October, All Souls' Day, evening, by Chris Palmer, Grief and Faith

Sunday 16th October, Trinity 21, morning, by Chris Palmer, 'Pray always & don't lose heart'

Sunday 4th September, Trinity 14, evening, by Kate Tuckett, 'Behold I am doing a new thing'

Sunday 21st August, Trinity 13, morning, by Chris Palmer, 'right' is no match for 'loving'

Sunday 14th August, Trinity 12, morning, by Chris Palmer, 'Brave, Honest, Ready'

Sunday 7th August, Trinity 11, morning, by Kate Tuckett, Faith is a journey not a destination

Sunday 24th July, Trinity 9, morning, by Kate Tuckett, Prayer changes us

Sunday 17th July, Trinity 8, evening, by Kate Tuckett, Discerning God's voice

Sunday 17th July, Trinity 8, morning, by Chris Palmer, 'Contemplative living'

Sunday 10th July, Trinity 7, evening, by Chris Palmer, 'Fighting God'

Sunday 19th June, Trinity 4, morning, by Kate Tuckett, 'My name is Legion'

Sunday 12th June, Trinity 3, morning, by Chris Palmer, Standing up to the mafia

Sunday 29th May, Trinity 1, morning, by Kate Tuckett, Healing the centurion's slave

Sunday 15th May, Pentecost, evening, by Chris Palmer, The Holy Spirit, the Advocate

Sunday 15th May, Pentecost, morning, by Matt Selman, 'I do not give as the world gives'

Sunday 8th May, Easter 7, morning, by Chris Palmer, Week of Prayer for Evangelism

Sunday 1st May, Easter 6, evening, by Chris Palmer, Wilful or Willing

Sunday 17th April, Easter 4, morning, by Chris Palmer, Annual Report

Sunday 10th April, Easter 3, morning, by Chris Palmer, Your personal vocation.

Sunday 3rd April, Easter 2, evening, by Kate Tuckett, 'Who told you you were naked?'

Saturday 26th March, Easter Vigil, by Chris Palmer, Christ is Risen. We are risen. Alleluia!

Friday 25th March, Good Friday, by Chris Palmer, It's Friday... but Sunday is coming

Thursday 24th March, Maundy Thursday, by Kate Tuckett, Beauty from brokenness

Sunday 13th March, morning, by Chris Palmer, True worship is messy and offensive

Sunday 28th February, morning, by Chris Palmer, True change

Sunday 14th February, morning, by Chris Palmer, Temptation is a chance to choose God

Wednesday 10th February, evening, by Kate Tuckett, Ash Wednesday

Sunday 31st January, morning, by Kate Tuckett, Candlemas

Sunday 17th January, evening, by Kate Tuckett, Come and see

Sunday 17th January, morning, by Chris Palmer, When we run out, God's got better in store

Sunday 10th January 2016, morning, by Chris Palmer, Believing what God believes about us