For information on our Giving Appeal, Giving for God's Work, please click here

Giving is an important part of our Christian discipleship. What we give is a response to God's call and an expression of our commitment to each other at Holy Trinity.

Our stewardship programme gives us all the opportunity to contribute in order to meet the financial needs of our church community.

Our objective is that planned giving should fund the everyday running costs of Holy Trinity. 

How much to give? This will be different for every person - and it will depend on what resources you have available. But we should give generously and consistently to God's work.

This allows us to plan our finances efficiently over the year and reduces the administrative work involved in processing donations for you and us.

Giving Scheme

Download our Giving Scheme response form and complete the the Standing Order section.

How to make your giving go further – Gift Aid it!  All UK taxpayers can complete a gift aid declaration which will allow Holy Trinity to claim back 25p from the tax man for every pound donated.

Return the form to the Stewardship Recorder, via the parish office.

Questions or suggestions?  Contact a member of the Treasury team.  The Treasury team are Jonathan Hett the Treasurer, Tracey McDermott the Stewardship Officer, and Susan Karney the Stewardship Recorder.