Pastoral Network

When we launched our Pastoral Network, the intention was to join members of our congregation together in groups based on where they live. Each group would offer informal support and friendship to its members. 

The purpose was to extend our community from church to where we live – connecting with our neighbours and developing a network of care. We wanted to make sure that everyone felt included and we were encouraging different people of all ages to talk to one another and create a greater sense of community.

Following feedback from the congregation and from those people that were acting as leaders, we are in the process of looking again at how a Pastoral Network could work for the Holy Trinity congregation. 

Please therefore watch this space for future updates to the Pastoral Network.

Please note:

Pastoral network groups are not the place for in depth pastoral care. When you have a particular need, please approach one of the clergy. But we hope the groups (however they are formed) will enable us all to give and receive friendship with others in our church.