Tithe Grants

Each year Holy Trinity Church gives away a tithe – 10% – of the income we receive from voluntary donations and fundraising. 

The money is an expression of Christian mission. We use guidelines set by the DCC some years ago to ensure that the money is divided between local and international charities, and between partner charities (which we give to for several years and build a relationship with) and one-off good causes.

Gifts given in 2017

Partner Projects

establishing links for three years, 2015-2017   

Krasif Aid Bulgaria
(Supporting health and social care provision)                                                                       £2,280

(Working with the poorest and most vulnerable in the Eastern Cape of South Africa,
particularly orphans and those suffering from HIV/AIDS                                                    £2,280

Joshua Orphan and Community Care, Malawi
(Helping HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children and their families)                           £2,280

Merton Faith in Action Homelessness Project
(Local drop-in centre for those who are homeless)                                                              £2,280

Total Partner Projects £9,120

One Off Projects             

Anti-Slavery International
(Oldest human rights organisation working exclusively against bonded labour and human trafficking)                                                                                                                                    £1,520

Christian Care Merton
(Providing support to families in crisis, through befriending, food parcels, furniture, and essentials for babies and children)                                                                                          £1,520

The Polka Theatre
(Children's Theatre, to help fund autism friendly performances)                                                                                                                             £1,520

Merton Street Pastors
(Volunteers who patrol the streets of Mitcham, Wimbledon, and Morden on Friday and Saturday nights, helping the vulnerable)                                                                                £1,520

Total One Off Projects £6,080

GRAND TOTAL  £15,200