Pastoral Network

Our Pastoral Network joins members of our congregation together in groups based on where they live. Each group offers informal support and friendship to its members. 

The network extends our community from church to where we live – connecting with our neighbours and developing a network of care. It’s about making sure that everyone feels included and encouraging different people of all ages to talk to one another and create a greater sense of community.

We have created nine Pastoral Network areas covering all places where our congregation lives. This creates nine geographical groups and everyone belongs in one of these groups. We have approximately 20 households in each group with one or two leaders.

The leaders act as a point of contact within their area, getting to know members and encouraging friendship and support. They welcome newcomers and arrange gatherings of members.

Pastoral network groups are not the place for in depth pastoral care. When you have a particular need, please approach one of the clergy. But the groups are a setting for encouragement - where we can give and receive friendship with others in our church.

Do you know which group you are in?

Regular members of Holy should already be part of a Pastoral Network group. If you aren't in touch with yours, or want to know who to contact, please let us know. The Map below will give you an idea of the areas

Pastoral Network Co-ordinator

The co-ordinator of the Pastoral Network is Claire Virik, and she will be pleased to answer questions you have about the Network.


Map of the Pastoral Network areas

Pastoral Network Map