Mission Action Planning

Between May and December 2014 Merton Priory Team  engaged in a process to discern God's mission objectives for our parish in the coming years.  This involved consulting our congregations, determining priorities, and laying plans - and then putting them into action in 2015 and beyond.

Our finished Mission Action Plan is available here

The starting point for our planning was the Mission Statement we adopted in 2011:

"We aim to be a community:

Faithful to God

          Sharing with those in need

                   Caring for one another

We know we don’t always get it right, but seek God’s grace to fulfil his mission."

This page points to resources about this project and is an information place for those who wish to know the stages of the process we followed.

Southwark Diocese Webpage about Mission Action Planning

Poster outlining the process we're following

Write-up of the Stage 1 Congregational survey

Priority areas discerned in Stage 2.  These are the areas that during June and July the DCCs and PCC discerned as the priorities we would direct action towards in our plan.  They formed the starting point for our planning on the DCC/PCC away day in September 2014.

Following the Away Day, at which we planned actions in more detail, we agreed the complete Mission Action Plan in December 2014.

During 2015 we are putting these plans into operation.  We'll also we be evaluating these projects to see how they are going, so we can see what changes we have to make.