Giving to the Church

The church is no different to our homes, there are bills to pay to ensure we can light and heat the building, we need to be able to print service sheets, pay musicians, administrators and cleaners and we need to provide resources for our clergy.

People giving regularly helps us plan our finances over the year but we recognise that due to many other pressures, it is not possible for everyone to be able to give to the church on a regular basis. We also know that there are many people who give much in the way of time rather than money and we are very grateful for that as well - we couldn't do what we do without all of you who give your time so freely. 

But to keep the building going, it is money that is needed, so think about this.



£2.65 is the cost of a takeaway tea of coffee from a coffee shop, it is the cost of a pint of beer, it is the cost of a sandwich from a supermarket.

Could you give up one cup of tea/coffee a week or take a sandwich from home rather than buying one?

Put the money you've saved into a pot at home and bring it to church regularly (gift-aiding it if you can). Add it to the collection plate during the offertory hymn.

If everyone gave an additional £2.65 a week, we could close our budget deficit.


Can you help?